CME: Documentation/Instructions for Approval

Points to Note:

  • MMET will not approve CME after an activity has taken place.
  • A member physician will need to be on the Planning Committee for this activity.
  • A person will need to verify sign-in, send in evaluation forms and verify disclosure to audience.

Below is information for approving activity for CME credit through the Maine Medical Education Trust. However, you may need to send in more information if it is deemed necessary.


The cost of approving activities for CME credit varies based on activity type and CME hours.  See fee schedule to determine cost of application.  If you have any questions regarding appropriate fee for this activity please contact  Payment should accompany application and be hand delivered or mailed to the attention of Elizabeth Ciccarelli at Maine Medical Education Trust, PO Box 190, Manchester, ME 04351 with the application, attachments, and check made payable to the Maine Medical Education Trust.

  • CME Application for Accreditation (completed by specialty liaison or contact person)
  • CV’s or Resume of the Speakers
  • Faculty Disclosure Information (signed by speakers and planning committee members) all disclosures should be communicated to attendees at the start of the activity
  • Brochure or Announcement of the Activity should be attached to packet with proper use of the MMET accreditation language (if time permits brochure completion)
  • Evaluation Form (evaluation and assessment of speaker to determine whether the objectives of the program have been met)
  • Certificate of Completion will reflect the MMET accreditation language
  • Attendance must be reported for all in attendance of the meeting if they require a certificate of completion.
  • MMET Activity Monitoring Form completed by a peer in the audience to reflect disclosure(s) of all in control of content are completed and that the educational activity is free of bias.