MMET Activity Downloads

Materials and Instructions:

Complete CME Application and send back with CV's of speakers as well as the following attachments (please note these are templates):
Attachment 1: Generic CME Evaluation Form  has the information needed to support the New Standards of Commercial Support. These will be copied and sent back to MMA after the event.
Attachment 2: Generic CME Sign In - I will need this taken the day(s) of the event and sent back to me along with the evaluations.
Attachment 3: Faculty Disclosures (Fillable form for speakers and program committee)
Attachment 4: Brochure Requirements (which will include language from attachment 5) After receiving CME approval and being notified of how many credits were approved, you will use the statements at the end of the evaluation form to put on your brochures.  Language required on brochures (once approved for CME credit).
Attachment 5: Joint Providership Statement and literature regarding needs assessment such as: surveys/evaluations/any other information as to why this activity should be shared with physicians.
Attachment 6: The Generic Certificate of Completion can be given out after evaluations have been handed in at the event.
Attachment 7: The MMET Activity Monitoring Form to be completed during activity by a peer to prove disclosures were given verbally or printed for the audience at the activity by all in control of content (speakers, planning committee, etc.) along with other questions pertaining to conflicts of interest during the activity.

Questions: Please contact Gail Begin, CME Director at the Maine Medical Association at 207-485-1341 or email