What you can do

Who Can Refer?
Anyone with a concern and desire to help a family member, colleague or friend can make a referral. The MPHP also accepts self-referrals and is glad to assist anyone interested in exploring referral options. Our staff will answer any questions you have about how the MPHP can assist with diagnosis, recovery and monitoring options.  The sooner treatment begins, the better.

Who Can Participate?
The Medical Professionals Health Program is here to help the following medical professionals: Physicians (MD and DO), Dentists, Physician Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Denturists and Pharmacists, Nurses and Veterinarians.  The objective of the program is that of monitoring and advocacy - to help professionals diagnosed with substance dependency to become well and return to healthy personal, and professional lives.  

What services does the MPHP Provide?
The MPHP provides the following confidential services to participants:

  • Initial interview and screening;
  • Referral for evaluation and treatment;
  • Recovery monitoring and documentation;
  • Advocacy to those seeking re-licensure, credentialing, etc.;
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues in recovery.

The MPHP also provides education and outreach to medical staffs for the purposes of training in substance abuse recognition and raising awareness for the services offered by the MPHP. If you would like to have a presenter onsite to speak about the MPHP, please feel free to contact Cathryn Stratton at cstratton@mainemed.com or by telephone at (207) 623-9266, ext 3.

The MPHP recognizes the importance of providing confidential services to those genuinely engaged in a recovery program. It is vital that we maintain the confidence and trust throughout the medical community so that we may continue to be a resource for those who come forward seeking the structure and advocacy of our program. The MPHP respects the privacy and confidentiality of participants to the full extent permitted by the law and consistent with the protocols negotiated with each licensing board.

How the Program Operates
Medical professionals can become involved with the MPHP in a number of ways. Some voluntarily contact the program, some are referred by colleagues, family members, patients or friends and others are referred by the boards of licensure. Once initial contact is made, the MPHP works with the medical professional to develop appropriate strategies for evaluation, treatment, and returning to a successful professional career. A potential participant is first interviewed by a member of the program’s clinical team. The next step is often for a multi-disciplinary evaluation to help determine presenting issues, appropriate treatment options and monitoring strategies. Each case is unique and is carefully and confidentially considered by the participant’s treatment team, the MPHP staff and, in certain circumstances,  the MPHP Advisory Committee.