1000 Lives Campaign for Maine


The goal of the 1000 Lives Campaign is to reduce opioid-related deaths in Maine by 1000 from current predictions during the next 5 years.  

The 1000 Lives Campaign was announced at the Governor's Opioid Response Summit in July 2023, and is now supported by much of Maine's health care community, including the Maine Medical Association, the Maine Osteopathic Association, the Maine Hospital Association, the Maine Nurse Practitioners Association, and the Maine Association of Physician Assistants, each of the four integrated health systems, and almost all of the physician professional specialty organizations in our state.

The campaign seeks to prevent Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) deaths by implementing a set of health care site- and clinician-specific interventions to improve the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs), with particular attention to improving treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD).  The interventions will be chosen based on their ability to reduce deaths.  

1000 Lives flyer
1000 Lives Participating Organizations

For more information: mmacqi@mainemed.com

June 2024