Maine Medical Association Medical Student Section

Membership in the MMA MSS is open to all medical student members of the Maine Medical Association who are enrolled at Tufts University School of Medicine-Maine Track (TUSM) or University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM).  There are no dues charged to be a member of the MMA as a student or to join the Medical Student Section.


MSS Co-Chairs

Archana Anandakrishnan, UNECOM '21

Corinne Carland, TUSM '20

Membership and Legislative Advisor Co-Chairs

Hannah Martin, TUSM '20

Nabil Saleem, TUSM '20

Community Service Chair

Jackie Royal, TUSM'20

At-Large Voting Members

Katie Bergeron, TUSM '20

Courtney Horton, TUSM '19

Jennifer Marsidi, UNECOM '21

Taylor Ouellette, UNECOM '21

Natasha Thiagalingam, UNECOM '21

Thomas Zink, TUSM '20

The purpose of the MMA-MSS is to:

  • Provide a policy forum for the student members of MMA-MSS.

  • Encourage and support student member involvement in legislative matters affecting all aspects of the medical field, including authoring of resolutions and/or participating in advocacy.

  • Unite in purpose with school medical student chapters in Maine, as well as the physician components of the American Medical Association and Maine Medical Association, where common interests are served.



For more information about the MMA-MSS, contact:

Susan Kring, Outreach Director & Grants Manager
Maine Medical Association


Join the MMA MSS!

Click here to sign up for the MMA MSS and complete a short survey to let us know your interests and how you want to be involved with the MMA and the MSS.

Coming soon:

  • Meeting schedule
  • Upcoming events

Recent events:

  • AMA National Community Service Project - Monday, April 23, 6-8pm, Space Gallery in Portland
  • MMA-MSS meeting - Monday, May 7, 6-8pm, Clarion Hotel in Portland

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