Legal Services

The Maine Medical Association has three full-time attorneys on staff providing legal assistance in the following areas:  

  • Contract reviews:  Legal reviews of health plan and employment contracts for a flat fee of $350.  These reviews are particularly helpful for residents stepping into practice or long-term members facing employment contract issues for the first time.
  • Practice regulatory and ethical questions: HIPAA and EMTALA issues, consent to treatment, minors' rights, federal program compliance, medical liability risk management, delegation, reimbursement and more.
  • Closing a practice: The Association also provides a helpful guide to that process.
  • Medical staff bylaws and organization.
  • Dispute resolution: Including privilege suspensions, intra-office conflicts, and inter-practice disputes.
  • On-site training: Presentations on a variety of medical/legal, employment law and legislative/government topics.


Helpful Resources:

Examples of Past Presentations:

Please note that these are presentation examples and may not be up to date.  If there is another legal topic you are interested in, let us know. We regularly create and tailor presentations to the needs of practices.