Committees and Sections of the MMA

MMA Committees and Sections are listed below with the current Chair or Co-Chairs of the Committee or Section as well as the MMA Staff Liaison.  Should you wish to learn more about a committee or become involved in the committee work, please contact the MMA Staff Liaison.

Listed Alphabetically

The purpose of this committee is to develop programming for the Annual Session.
Meets: On an as needed basis

Chair:  Lisa Ryan, DO, Portland, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Lisa Martin, Director of Membership – or 207-480-4201

The purpose of this committee is to review annually the Constitution and Bylaws and propose recommended changes to the general membership of the Association. 
Meets: Annually

Chair:  David McDermott, MD, MPH - Dover-Foxcroft, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Diane McMahon, Director of Operations – or 207-480-4188

The purpose of this committee is to: develop mechanisms to determine the educational needs of Maine physicians; study and coordinate the means available to meet those needs; develop mechanisms to evaluate continuing medical education in the State; and develop mechanisms to accredit continuing education programs throughout the State. The Committee has the power to make rules and regulations for the handling of matters within its jurisdiction, said rules to become effective upon approval by the Board of Directors.
Meets: 3 times per year

Co-Chairs: Kathryn Bourgoin, MD – Bangor, ME and Steven Diaz, MD, Augusta, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Ciccarelli, Director of Continuing Medical Education and Accreditation – or 207-480-4186

This Committee's primary purpose shall be to oversee the Association's Peer Review Program and office-based QI Program, and to establish the protocols under which the programs are conducted. The Committee may also develop standards or protocols for peer review or quality improvement activities in order to ensure the protection of these activities under State and federal law.
Meets: The last Tuesday of the months of February, March, April, May, and June from 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

Chair:  Erik Steele, DO – Yarmouth, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Amy Carter, Director, Center for Quality Improvement – or 207-835-1527

The duty of this Committee is to invest, reinvest, and change investments of the Association and to prepare and propose an annual budget. The Committee also has responsibility for the MMA's real property holdings. All of these responsibilities are exercised under the direction of the Board of Directors. 
Meets: On an as needed basis

Chair: Dieter Kreckel, MD – Rumford, ME
MMA Staff Liaison:  Heidi Lukas, CPA, Director of Finance – or 207-480-4192

The purpose of the Independent Practice Section is to provide a forum for members in independent, private practice to discuss issues unique to their practice and to ensure that the Board of Directors knows the professional, operational, and advocacy priorities of physicians in independent, private practice in our state. The Section will unite its members in support for the private practice model and to focus on maintaining physician autonomy in their practices as much as possible in the current health care delivery system in our country. The Section will educate the general public about the value of community-based independent physicians. Finally, the Section will promote communications with Maine’s hospitals to effectively collaborate and be mutually supportive.

Co-Chairs: John Wipfler, JD, MBA and Brian Pierce, MD
MMA Staff Liaison:  Lisa Martin, Director of Membership – or 207-480-4210

Medical student members of the MMA are also members of the MMA Medical Student Section.  The purpose of the MMA MSS is to unite medical students in Maine, along with physician members of the MMA where comment interests are served, and to encourage and support student members' involvement in the MMA's public policy advocacy work. Click here for more information on the MSS.
Meets: MSS leadership meets quarterly, and MSS events are scheduled during the year.

Co-Chairs: Sydney Green, OMS III, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and Hannah Slattery M'25 Tufts University School of Medicine - Maine Track
MMA Staff Liaison:  Susan Kring, Outreach Director and Grants Manager – or 207-480-4190

This Committee is charged with the direction and coordination of all Association activities related to State and Federal health programs and with the study of all matters of professional interest to this Association which are considered by the State Legislature.
Meets: Weekly via Zoom on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm - 7:00pm during the Legislative Session and meets in-person on an as needed basis.

Co-Chairs:  Kathryn Brandt, DO, Biddeford, ME and Jodie Hermann, DO, Augusta, ME
MMA Staff Liaison:  Sarah Lepoff, Administrative Assistant – or 207-480-4191

This Committee is organized for the purpose of proposing nominees for all Association offices, including Board positions, other Committee positions, and the AMA delegate and alternate committees. The Committee meets as needed to consider the needs of the Association and its members and to ensure that the Board of Directors has the necessary balance of skills, talent, and representation to fulfill its mission.
Meets: Throughout the year on an as-needed basis

Chair:  Karen Saylor, MD, Falmouth, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Diane McMahon, Director of Operations – or 207-480-4188


MMA's Public Health Committee is dedicated to educating both the public and physicians on the importance of Maine's public health infrastructure.  The group regularly assesses existing public health programs and policy and, based on findings, makes recommendations to MMA's Legislative Committee as well as the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Meets: 12 times per year on Thursdays (typically 2nd or 3rd Thursday of month) at 4:00pm

Co-Chairs: Daniel Oppenheim, MD – Scarborough, ME and Edward Walworth, MD – Lewiston, ME
MMA Staff Liaison:  Sarah Lepoff, Administrative Assistant – or 207-480-4191

Information coming soon!

Chair: TBD
MMA Staff Liaison:  Susan Kring, Outreach Director and Grants Manager – or 207-480-4190

MMA retired physician members gather at MMA headquarters for presentations, lunch and networking.
Meets: 4 times per year 

Chair: Peter Shaw, MD
MMA Staff Liaison:  Lisa Martin, Director of Membership– or 207-480-4201

This Committee oversees the Association's Medical Professionals Health Program. This Program is an important resource for physicians, dentists, physician assistants, dental hygienists, nurses, pharmacists and veterinarians experiencing substance abuse or mental illness.
Meets: Every other month (beginnining in January) on the 2nd Monday beginning at 4:30pm.

Chair: R. Scott Hanson, MD, MPH, FACP, Chair – Lewiston, ME
Vice-Chair: Jerr Roberts, DDS, NMD, IBDM, AIAOMT  – Cape Elizabeth, ME
MMA Staff Liaison: Heidi LaMonica, MPH, BS, Operations Manager or 207-623-9266 X:1