Help the MMA in its mission to provide assistance and guidance to physicians on healthcare policy, legislation, and many other matters. Support the voice of Maine physicians by donating today.

Some initiatives that would benefit from your support:

  • Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET)
    • Supports general educational programs and charitable endeavors
    • Scholarship fund provides educational grants to medical students from Maine
    • Dalco-McDermott Memorial Fund supports medical professionals who are experiencing financial hardship and are participating with the Maine Medical Professionals Health Program (MPHP)
    • MMET loan program low interest loans to Maine students in medical school
    • Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership
  • Maine Medical Association (MMA)
    • Long Term Development Fund strengthens the long-term reserves of the Association
    • Frank O. Stred Building Fund provides maintenance/improvements to the MMA facilities
    • Medical Professionals Health Program (MPHP) supports the general operations of the MPHP

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To arrange a legacy gift to the Maine Medical Association, please contact Heidi Lukas, Director of Finance, at 207-480-4192 or