Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The Board of Directors, through such procedures and policies as it may adopt, including establishment of subcommittees as it deems appropriate, shall carry out the mandates and policies of the Association as determined by the membership and shall also have the power and authority to act for the membership between its meetings. It shall make an annual report to the membership, at the Annual Meeting. The Board shall prepare and present to the membership for its consideration an annual budget providing for the necessary expenses of the Association. Such budget shall be prepared at least thirty (30) days before the opening of the Annual Session, and shall be made available upon request to any member.

The Executive Committee is composed of the President of the Association, the President-elect of the Association, the Immediate Past President of the Association, the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, and three members elected on an annual basis by the Board. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to:

  • Be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association
  • Serve as an advisory board to the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer with respect to personnel(staff) of the Association
  • Authorize staff to take specific actions to accomplish the strategic goals established by the Board of Director's consistent with budgetary restrictions
  • Conduct an annual review of the performance of the Executive Vice President
  • Identify developing issues, inside and outside the state
  • Be responsible for all ceremonial duties of the Association
  • Be responsible for liaisons with other organizations

The Chair of the Board shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee and will report to the Board at each of its meetings any action taken by the Executive Committee since the preceding Board meeting.

Listed Alphabetically

Jeffrey Barkin, MD, President
Executive Committee Member

Alexandra Barr, DO
Falmouth, ME
Ryan Best, MD
Westbrook, ME
Paul Cain, MD, Board Chair
Oxford, ME
Executive Committee Member
Maroulla Gleaton, MD
Augusta, ME
Minda Gold, MD
Damariscotta, ME
Henk Goorhuis, MD
Portland, ME
R. Scott Hanson, MD
Lewiston, ME
Executive Committee Member
Raymond Hicks, MD
Augusta, ME
Hani Jarawan, MD
Portland, ME
James Jarvis, MD
Bangor, ME
Jims Jean-Jacques, DO
Bangor, ME
Patrick Killoran, MD
Camden, ME
Dieter Kreckel, MD
Rumford, ME

Amy Madden, MD
Belgrade, ME

Samuela Manages, MD
Saint David, ME
Executive Committee Member
Jonathan Meserve, MD
Falmouth, ME
Nathaniel Meyer, Medical Student
Portland, ME
James Mullen, MD, MBA
Brunswick, ME

Michael Parker, MD, Treasurer
Lewiston, ME
Executive Committee Member

Charles Pattavina, MD
Bangor, ME
Kenji Saito, MD
Augusta, ME
Karen Saylor, MD, Immediate Past President
Falmouth, ME
Executive Committee Member
Scott Schiff-Slater, MD
Hallowell, ME
Robert Schlager, MD
Pittsfield, ME
Erik Steele, DO, President-elect
Yarmouth, ME
Executive Committee Member
Maryn Torner, MD, Medical Resident
Portland, ME
Elisabeth Wilson, MD
Scarborough, ME
Susan Woods, MD
Harpswell, ME