MMA Center for Quality Improvement

The Maine Medical Association, Center for Quality Improvement (MMA-CQI) works to transform health and healthcare in Maine by leading, collaborating, and aligning improvement efforts on initiatives that span the continuum of care from perinatal to older adult and address a variety of healthcare issues.

MMA-CQI serves as a neutral convener committed to transforming health and healthcare in Maine. Our projects focus on an array of topics, including

  • improving care coordination and access to resources to address opioid use disorder and substance use disorders,
  • piloting and implementing quality improvement projects in partnership with the Perinatal Quality Collaborative for Maine (PQC4ME),
  • improving the rates of HPV vaccinations,
  • integrating oral health into overall health services for children,
  • developing online, on-demand learning modules for clinicians and non-clinicians through our learning management system.

Our partners in these projects include Maine Department of Health and Human Service Services, Office of Behavioral Health, Office of MaineCare Services, and Maine CDC, Division of Disease Prevention, Maternal and Child Health; Maine Bureau of Licensure in Medicine; Maine Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics; Maine Primary Care Association; Maine Cancer Foundation; Milford Health Department in Milford, CT; American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health; National Association of County and City Health Officials; Maine Health Access Foundation; Betterment Fund; and Bingham Program.

MMA-CQI staff bring various skills and experience to our projects and can provide support in the following areas: project management, quality improvement both small and large scale, education content creation and delivery, webinar creation and delivery, ECHO® programs, technical assistance for both planning and implementation activities, workflow development, process review, facilitation, and data visualization to name a few. If you would like to learn more about MMA-CQI please reach out to the MMA-CQI group email:

Don’t forget to visit our Learning Lab at
The MMA-CQI Learning Lab has been designed to support healthcare practitioners, professionals, and practice teams with a wide range of continuing education offerings. Our courses and programs are designed to be informative, engaging, and give you the opportunity to earn CME credits while participating in a community of practice.