Staff Listed Alphabetically

Begin, Gail
Director of Continuing Medical Education and Accreditation; Executive Director, Maine Gastroenterology Society; and Executive Director, Maine State Rheumatology Society
Tel: 207-588-6619
Fax: 207-622-3332
Carter, Amy
Director, Center for Quality Improvement
Tel: 207-835-1527
Goggin, Shirley
Director of Publications and Executive Director, Maine Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
Tel: 207-445-2260
Fax: 207-445-4880
Kring, Susan
Grants Manager and Outreach Director
Tel: 207-480-4190
Fax: 207-622-3332
Lepoff, Sarah
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 207-480-4191
Fax: 207-622-3332
Lukas, Heidi
Director of Finance
Tel: 207-480-4192
Fax: 207-622-3332
MacLean, Andrew
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 207-480-4187
Fax: 207-622-3332
Cell: 207-215-7462
Martin, Lisa
Director of Membership
Tel: 207-480-4201
Fax: 207-622-3332
McMahon, Diane
Director of Operations
Tel: 207-480-4188
Fax: 207-622-3332
Milam, Mary
Project Manager, Center for Quality Improvement
Tel: 207-808-1028
Morin, Dan
Director of Communications and Government Affairs
Tel: 207-480-4199
Cell: 207-838-8613
Poulin, Dianna
Director of Peer Review & Quality; Executive Director, Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians; and MMA Liaison for Maine Chapter, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Maine Urological Association, and Maine Radiological Society
Tel: 207-480-4194
Fax: 207-622-3332
Reed, Jessica
Clinical Quality Manager, Center for Quality Improvement
Tel: 207-200-6739
Stratton, Cathryn
Executive Director for Maine Chapter, American College of Surgeons; Maine Neurological Society; Maine Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicians; Maine Society of Orthopedic Surgeons; and American Society of Medical Association Counsel
Tel: 207-592-5725
Cell: 207-446-1362