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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Maine Medical Association and/or the Maine Medical Education Trust.  An explanation of each of the gift options is below.

A donation to the Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET) can be directed towards one of the MMET activities.  Contributions to these funds are tax deductible.

  • The General Education Program provides continuing education opportunities for physicians throughout the State of Maine.  Donations to this program would be used to create, promote, sponsor and organize educational programs and opportunities whose primary objectives are the improvement and upgrading of medical practice through education and training in the field of health care. 
  • The MMET also manages the Scholarship Fund.  This fund, started by Jo Linder, MD during her MMA presidency in 2011, offers scholarships to Maine students pursuing a degree in medicine.
  • The Dalco-McDermott Memorial Fund under the Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET) was established as a trust fund to be used solely for supporting medical professionals who are experiencing hardship and are engaged under the auspices of the Maine Medical Professionals Health Program. The fund memorializes the achievements of Dr. John Dalco, the first director of the Physician Health Program, and Dr. Thomas E. McDermott, an avid supporter of the MPHP for many years. This fund will be utilized for MPHP participants who have demonstrated financial hardship and cannot financially meet their monitoring program/licensure requirements that are needed for professional licensure. MPHP participants who have demonstrated financial need for assistance with drug testing, general monitoring costs, psychological evaluations, patient treatment costs, or other costs associated with necessary treatments for wellness and return to practice may qualify.
  • MMET Medical Student Loan Program provides low interest loans to Maine students in medical school.
  • Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership. The Hanley Center helps to transformthe health care delivery system one leader at a time by mitigating helath inequities, supporting undergraduate health care internships, and imparting important leadershp skills to Maine 's health care professionals.

A donation to the Maine Medical Association (MMA) can be directed towards one of the MMA activities.  Contributions to these funds are not tax deductible, but may be deductible as a professional/business expense (Please consult with your tax advisor).

  • The Long Term Development Fund increases the reserves of the Maine Medical Association to ensure it will remain as a resource and advocacy center for future generations of physicians. 
  • The Frank O. Stred Building Fund provides for maintenance/improvements to the MMA Stred building.  
  • The Medical Professionals Health Program (MPHP) is a program of the Maine Medical Association. Overseen by a peer review committee, the MPHP assists medical professionals challenged with substance use, mental health, and behavioral issues, as well as stress and burnout by providing confidential and compassionate monitoring, support, treatment resources, advocacy, education, and outreach. The MPHP welcomes those who are voluntarily seeking assistance before professional licensure is impacted. As well as those who have been referred or mandated by Maine's regulatory licensing Boards to participate with MPHP to maintain or gain professional licensure. 


Please contact Lisa Martin at 207-480-4201 with any questions.  Thank you!

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