Free Clinics

Free Clinics

The Maine Medical Association has made physician voluntary work, both in Maine and overseas, a major focus.  The following is a list of free medical clinics.

Biddeford Free Clinic:

Biddeford Free Clinic:

This clinic is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization that provides medical care to the uninsured in York County and Southern Maine. They offer their patients free general care including chronic disease management, diagnostic testing (lab and radiology), health education and non-narcotic medications. They also provide dental care.

Open Monday and Thursday 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic

Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic:

This clinic offers free services to the uninsured including physician exams, basic lab testing and x-rays, routine health care, assistance programs, immunizations and social services.

Call for appointment. Will see individuals from anywhere without insurance.

Hope House Clinic:

This clinic and shelter offers emergency beds and care to the homeless and is licensed by MSHA and the Office of Substance Abuse. Here individuals have access to medical care, psychiatric care, and case management services.

Knox County Health Clinic

Knox County Health Clinic:

Mid-Coast Health Net operates this clinic. The clinic has a Mental Health and Wellness Program, a Dental Program, and a Prescription Assistance Program. The services offered include free or low cost medical care, dental care, mental health care and prescription assistance.

Open Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm – 9:00pm by appointment.

Leavitt’s Mill Health Center

Leavitt’s Mill Health Center:

This health center offers physicals, health education, sick visits, chronic illness management, counseling, dental hygiene, physical therapy, eye exams, prescription assistance, and care management to those who can not afford it. There are no costs for these services and all funding for the center is by donation

Open by appointment only – call for an appointment.  Open to any uninsured or under-insured individual.

Maine Migrant Health Program

Maine Migrant Health Program:

This program has mobile clinics that go out and provide free medical care, health education, case management, and transportation to migrant seasonal workers in Maine. It also offers a voucher referral program.


Oasis Free Clinics

Oasis Free Clinics offer medical and dental care to uninsured individuals in southern mid-coast Maine with incomes below 175% of the federal poverty level.  The clinics offer comprehensive primary care, mental health services, specialty referrals and limited dental care (no emergency dental services). They also have a prescription assistance program for help in obtaining high cost medications.

Hours of care:  8:30am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday, by appointment only (207-721-9277).

Address:  66 Baribeau Drive, Suite 9/10, Box 1, Brunswick, ME  04011 

Phone:  207-721-9277  Fax:  207-729-1368  


Visit us online:


Portland Community Free Clinic

This free clinic partners with Mercy Hospital and the City of Portland to provide free care to individuals in the surrounding area that do not have a primary care provider and have no insurance.

Open Monday thru Thursday 6:00pm – 7:30pm and on Thursday’s from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.  Open to low income Cumberland County residents (adults only).

The Root Cellar

The Root Cellar: 

Adult Free Medical Clinic
Thursdays 9am-12pm, by appointment only.

A volunteer medical doctor and nurse are here each week to see scheduled patients for a variety of medical needs. The clinic is authorized to write prescriptions and offer referrals. They are affiliated with Mercy Hospital.

Pediatric Clinic
Tuesdays 5:30pm–7pm, by appointment only.

A volunteer medical doctor and nurses come in each week to see scheduled patients for a variety of medical needs including a child wellness clinic. This clinic is for children with no insurance or with only catastrophic insurance. The clinic can provide necessary vaccines for your child. They are associated with Mercy Hospital.This clinic provides primary care services and some specialty care services. They also help patients get the medicine that they need.