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Maine Medical Educational Trust

The purpose and mission of the Trust’s CME program shall be to sponsor, organize and conduct programs and related educational undertakings whose primary purpose and objectives are the improvement and upgrading of medical practice through education. The Maine Medical Education Trust recognizes the need for educational activities that promote, maintain and develop the skills and professional performance of the physician.  The MMET strives to enhance the overall awareness, effectiveness and quality of education to physicians and fosters physician participation in the learning process.  The purpose of the CME program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of Maine physicians, to assist health care providers in advancing in their chosen specialty while adapting to patient needs, changing markets, and products and to cope with professional issues inherent to the ever changing health care system. The continuing medical education programs of the Maine Medical Education Trust are primarily lecture series and seminars and are designed for physicians, office managers, hospital administrative personnel and other health care practitioners and their office staff.

The strengths of the CME program include the following:

  • Strong organizational support
  • Consistency of program scheduling
  • Systems for marketing programs
  • A degree of physician leadership
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the educational needs of physicians, particularly in the non- clinical areas, e.g., new state and federal laws, regulations, etc., through the resources of MMA


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