MMA Spotlight Archive

MMA Spotlight Archive


This page contains items previously featured in the "MMA Spotlight" section of the home page.

March 14 MMA Legislative Committee Meeting will Focus on LD 347, An Act to Support Death with Dignity. Join us!  Learn More

2/13/17: MMA Chapter 11 Rule Comments - 14-118 C.M.R. Chapter 11 - Rules Governing the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program and Prescription of Opioid Medications

The Story of Bethany as referenced in The "TIGER" Returns article on page 5 of the Jan/Feb/Mar issue of Maine Medicine.

MaineCare has released the rate study on Secs. 13, 17, 28 and 65 by Burns and Associates. Three documents, linked below, are available:

  1. The Executive Summary

  2. Final Proposed Rate Models

  3. Public Comments and Responses

U.S. District Court rules against Aetna-Humana proposed merger.  See our blog post, with a link to the court's opinion, here.

1/3/17:  Maine DHHS releases opioid prescribing/PMP rule.  You can read the rule and DHHS summary here. For the MMA summary, check out the Weekly Update for 1/3/17 The summary is also on the MMA blog, where you can read it and comment on the rule.  Just click the blog button above. 

10/18 Message on Chapter 488 from Dr. Pezzullo

The MMA Website now has a new page of resources on Maine's opioid crisis, including Maine Opioid Collaborative Task Force information and reports along with new laws on opioid prescribing and addiction treatment. You can find it here.

Deaths from Accidental Overdose Continue to Spike: Maine's Attorney General Janet Mills announced in June 2016 that overdose deaths are up 50% over the same time in 2015. In the first six months of 2016, 189 Mainers died as a result of a drug overdose. more ]


Included on the Opioid Crisis page is a new Question and Answer document on Public Law 2015, chapter 488. It addresses specific situations prescribers and patients have raised about the law's application.

MMA Comments on MCBM, Chapters II & III, Section 65, Behavioral Health Services.

MMA Comments on the telehealth rules being proposed by the Board of Licensure in Medicine.

MMA Comments on Proposed CDC Data Release rule.

Proposed MMA Bylaw Changes 2016

MMA Board to present Resolution against marijuana referendum to annual Meeting.

MMA Board to present Statement on Health Care Reform to annual Meeting.

Dr. Pattavina's Report to the Council of New England State  Medical Societies (CNESMS) on Saturday, May 21

127th Legislative Summary Presentation 

Telemedicine Guidelines from the Board of Licensure in Medicine

MMA Releases Guide to Closing a Medical Practice

Updated Physician's Guide to Maine Law Available Now!